From Lower Merion to the Upper Echelon of the NBA

Kobe Bryant in high school

In the beginning… There was Kobe.

Before Kobe Bryant was king of the Staples Center and electrifying millions of people all around the world with his ridiculously sick basketball skills, he was dropping jaws and breaking ankles at Lower Merion High School in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

All the while racking up on enormous amount of accolades, trophies and awards… Literally, one right after another – including USA today‘s National High School Player of the Year while attending Lower Merion as a senior in 1995-1996. That same year Kobe averaged almost 31 points a game, right at 12 boards, seven dimes, four steals and damn near 4 blocked shots per game. Pretty crazy stats if you ask me!

Kobe Bryant in high school

Kobe also led his school to a ridiculous 77 and 13 overall record in the last three seasons of his high school career while snagging the class AAAA state championship in his final year. Senior year going to post an impressive 31 and three record which also included winning 27 straight games at the end of the season. 27 straight!

Kobe Goes Pro….

When Kobe Bryant decided to make the jump to the NBA straight out of high school, he would become the first player ever in the Los Angeles Lakers franchise history to do so… Overall, he was the 27th person to go straight from high school directly into the NBA. In fact, just that same year another high school phenom Jermaine O’Neal would also make the jump. However, his NBA career didn’t quite live up to the hype and especially could never match that of Kobe Bryant yo! (Actually, I’m pretty sure he ended up building pool decks in South Beach like my little brother or driving a semi truck like my uncle Rodney or something… LOL)

But first, more crazy high school stats…

Yo! Would you believe that when it was all said and done and Kobe “Bean” Bryant played his last game at Lower Merion high school in Ardmore, PA – that he would finish as the all-time leading scorer in the history of South Eastern Pennsylvania. But even more crazy man, he would end up passing another Hall of Fame basketball player you may of heard of…. a guy by the name of Wilt Chamberlain, who had 2,359 points and was surpassed by Mr. Kobe Bryant with 2,883 points. Damn son – that shit is Cray Cray!

Kobe Bryant McDonald's all AmericanBefore becoming a Superstar 2 guard and winning five championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and historic 20 year career the big Homie Kobe was also a McDonald’s All-American, the Naismith High School player of the year, and a Gatorade circle of champions high school player of the year award winner! This dude was also named the most outstanding player at the beach ball classic down in good old Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Kobe Bryant was also the ABCD summer camp player the year in 1995 from Adidas.

I mean damn man the dude is ridiculous even before entering the NBA it’s no surprise he’d go on to become SO great. Yo, if you love Kobe Bryant as much as we do here at the Staples King (dot com) – be sure to leave some love and comments here on the page and we’ll be sure to get right back to you. Also, if you want to hear any specific stats or stories or more about Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant – just hit us out anytime and let us know.

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