Kobe’s Next Chapter: $100 Million Dollar Venture Capital Fund

Yo was good it’s Marcus, this post is a long time coming but I had to give a shout out to my name and Kobe Bryant and his next chapter as $1 million venture capitalist! You knew my man Kobe would take it to the next level after his illustrious career the Los Angeles Lakers and what better way then to team up with another proven entrepreneur and millionaire investor; Jeff Stibel.


Based out of Los Angeles, California – the $100 million dollar venture-capital fund will be used as a vehicle to invest in all things technology, media and data companies alike. Pretty dope shit.

Current estimates include video game designers, telemarketing software firms, juicing companies, and sports media websites. You know my dude Kobe brings an obsessive a creative FIRE for all thangs branding and marketing so you know these companies gonna be fire Homie! But yo, if you got a deal story about Kobe Bryant Holla at me and you can add it as a guest post son.

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