Kobe Bryant Video Highlight Reel

In Today’s Blog Post: Kobe Bryant Video Highlight Reel

Hey guys what’s up, Marcus here and welcome back to another killer – all Kobe all the time – blog post but this time… with a video spin! That’s right y’all, we’re going to drop some dope ass videos of the big Homie Kobe putting it down at Staples Center (…and The Forum) for the purple and gold – LA Lakers booooiiiiii!

So sit back relax, grab a cold one and let’s take a look at some of the most clutch and electrifying basketball moments in Kobe Bryant history. Here’s to you Black Mamba. Enjoy.

Kobe Bryant Career Highlights YouTube video:

The TOP 10 Plays of Kobe Bryant’s Career!

Kobe’s Final Game Ever Against the Utah Jazz…

Before he was the King of Staples Center, he was Prince of The Forum

Relive the Greatest Moments of Kobe Bryant’s Historic Career!

So there you have it, some of the most magical and memorable moments over the span of a brilliant 20 years in the NBA. I hope you’ve enjoyed these awesome highlight video clips as much as we have here at the Staples King, until next time, we appreciate y’all coming through – showing love and paying respects to the greatest Laker ever! Peace-

PS. – If you haven’t checked out this post yet, click or tap here now to check out Kobe’s amazing 81 point masterpiece against the Raptors.

Kobe Bryant Highlights: “The Lob to Shaq…”

It’s game 7 of the 2000 Western Conference NBA finals, winner takes all against the Portland Trailblazers and all the stakes are on the line. Kobe’s Alley-oop to Shaq goes down as one of the most incredible play’s in Kobe Bryant’s illustrious career. Although Kobe and Shaq had their problems, issues here and there, when it all was all said and done these two future Hall of Famer’s got it done and will forever live in Laker legend history.

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal 2000 NBA champions!

Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Laker champions

If you remember correctly this game seemed like it was out of reach with 10 minutes and 28 seconds left in the game, Portland was up 75 to 60 and LA was on the verge of blowing it big time!

But luckily the purple and gold pride stepped up and made one of the greatest comebacks of all time in the history of the NBA. Main players like forward Glen Rice, the Big Homie Shaq, “big-game Bob” Robert Horry, Rick Fox, Horace Grant and others… These dudes kept their head in the game, kept their composure and showed the world what Los Angeles Laker basketball is all about. Holla.

Lakers roster

(Yo, check out now Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyron Lue to the far left (#10) It literally looks like he’s ten! lol

The Portland trailblazers were pretty decent team with an older banged up Scottie Pippen, Rod Strickland, Mike Dunleavy, Rasheed Wallace, but they were no match for one of the best playoff teams of all time. Kobe Bryant was just so dominant in the series and they had no answer for Shaquille O’Neal. The beast. Man how I love watching this team growing up southside Los Angeles.

Yo, really appreciate you coming through Shout out to all my Lakers fans for coming through be sure to leave your comments and tell me how much you love the purple and gold. What do you think we should do next year to get the team on and popping again? What’s the deal with DeAngelo Russell?

Be sure to check out the Los Angeles Lakers official team store and get yourself some awesome swag to show your true fan hood. I love sharing Lakers stuff with you guys just talking about the Lakers all the time, so hit me up with any specific topics you want me to cover.

But for now, whattya’ say we relive that magical moment when Kobe crosses over the old wily veteran Scottie Pippen (and one of the 50 Gretatest players of all time) and proceeds to lob it up to a one arm slamming Shaquille O’Neal?

Video: Alley-Oop from Kobe Bryant to Shaquille O’Neal!

Hey Lakers fan! Don’t forget to bookmark this page to keep coming back for more and more great moments in Kobe “Black Mamba” Bryant’s amazingly stellar 20 year NBA basketball career. We’ll count down his top 20 dunks, top 15 assists, top 30 clutch moments and more! We’ll relive Championship seasons and the badass moments that made it all so special!

See you next time playa,


Peace and chicken grease.

Kobe “the Great” Drop’s 81 on Toronto!

How could I not start off with this, right?

Where were you when Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points in an NBA game?

I know exactly where I was, I was at this bomb ass taco joint call Tacos El… something. OK, I guess I don’t quite remember. lol – But yo, I do know I was mowing down some delicious ass tacos and sippin some coronas when Kobe Bryant dropped 81 points! Are you kidding me? Like holy shit 81 points in one game is absolutely crazy man!

But yo let’s take a quick look at a video of Lakers guard Kobe Bryant scoring 81 points against the Toronto Raptors back on January 22, 2006 the only player to ever score over 80 points except of course Big Wilt Chamberlain and the 100 point game he dropped way back in 1962. With like 42 people in attendance. lol

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant scores 81 points for Los Angeles Lakers in 2006

What a career the black mamba had. Such an unbelievable force in NBA for so many years. So many memories. So many good times. So many clutch moments. So many crucial games. So many MVP’s. So many championships. So much to be thankful for, truly grateful I was able to see Mr. Bryant do what he did inside the staple center for so many years!

If you love Kobe Bryant as much as I do and you want to see some other cool highlights, just let me know. You can email me anytime at info@staplesking.com or leave me a comment down below. I appreciate you guys coming through to check out the blog. Shout out to all my Lakers fans! Rep that purple and gold til the day we die.

Sure going to miss you Kobe Bryant. I appreciate everything you did for the game. By the way, check out the official Kobe Bryant website sometime if you haven’t already – it’s pretty dope. Peace- Marcus

Kobe 81 Against Toronto Image