Congratulations to the Cleveland Cavaliers! 2016 NBA World Champions

So yo, had to give a shout out to the 2016 NBA world champion Cleveland Cavaliers, and even throw a few props to the big man LeBron James for bringing the title to his hometown just like he promised 2 years ago when he bounced from the beautiful beaches of Miami, Florida to pursue championship aspirations in the Podunk town of Cleveland, Ohio. haha just kidding but not really!

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers versus stuff curry and the Golden State Warriors

Coming down to the absolute wire and what turned out to be an epic game 7 battle, LeBron James, the NBA’s most dominant figure for several years in a row now proved to be just too much for one the most dominant teams over the last two years in the Golden State Warriors.

Finishing the NBA finals with a ridiculous 208 points, 79 boards and 62 dimes, “Bron Bron” Cavs Superstar showed why he is still the best player in the world today. In fact, in just game seven alone he joined only two other players in NBA history to have a triple double in an NBA finals game – garnering 27 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists in the clincher.

After the Warriors jumped out too 3-1 and what many believed to be a definite back to back world championship, just about everyone was counting Cleveland out. Everyone but true Cavalier fans I suppose…

And although LeBron was a bad bad man, he definitely didn’t do it all on his own. There was another bad man in the house each and every night, and that man’s name is Kyrie Irving. Producing some unbelievable clutch play and what many considered to be one of the greatest performances in NBA finals history, Kyrie Irving was simply amazing.

So having finished 73 and 9 and claiming the NBA’s best single-season record of all time, the Golden State Warriors simply couldn’t match the grit and determination of the Cavs and in the end found themselves coming up short. Hopefully that quites people down when they start spewing at the mouth about all of this 95-96 Bulls team versus this year Warrior team, there’s clearly no debate now! The Bulls all day baby!

So yeah, even though I find myself hating on Lebron here and there, simply because he’s definitely not kobe, I definitely have to give him some props this time around though because the man showed up when his team (and City) needed it most. So yeah you can’t hate on that! Pre-she ate y’all coming through until next time…

I’m out.